Saturday, March 14, 2009

friday march 13 2009

Chikens are at the weaver farm
Spencer and I got the boys 13 chikens. They think that it is fun to have
chikens but spencer thinks that we need some duks and a pig too and i
think that he is crazy and maby one day at a time we will get more
animals and we will see how we do with the chikens and a garden this year.

Bryton loves the chikens. He can't what to get eggs and when they are bigenuf to chas with his brother. Along with any onther kids that wont to. he had to chek on them all the time he wonted to make sher that they didn't go any whear. Or get out of ther box.

friday march 13 2009

wyatt loves the chikens he thinks they are so cool. we would not let wyatt holed one becus he tried sqishing it. So he got to have it on his lape. He liked that and he had so much fun geting them home.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

You would have never beleived this unless I should you these Pics of her playing the WII.
Ya I wish she would have let me get her victory dance after this serve because it was really funny!!!!
Monique won this round as you can tell my mom is like what happened!!

Ya in the process of playing the game the only one hurt was Max.

Hello everyone, my mom said that we needed to start blogging so everyone can see what we are up too.